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Organize and Maintain Your Household with a Digital Home Management Application

Owning a home is probably the largest investment and purchase you will make in your lifetime. A major aspect of owning a home is maintenance and upkeep. In today's busy world keeping track of home maintenance, projects, and expenses, is quite a challenge. Paperwork, receipts, appliance and equipment manuals, warranty papers, and more, get lost or misplaced. File drawers full of individual files are convenient but wouldn't a digital source for managing home improvement projects, maintenance schedules, and home inventory be a preferred choice?

One solution may be HomeZada, a cloud-based, one-stop application, to inventory, organize and maintain your home. This website is one place to store everything related to managing and maintaining your home. The home management software assists homeowners in the following aspects:

Home Improvements – Planning, tracking costs, and budgeting are simplified through the home management software. Many homeowners run into cost overruns as they are not familiar with managing home improvement budgets. With the help of this software, homeowners can research tasks and items needed, develop a budget and compare projected budgets against actual budgets as they evolve, keeping them on target. There are several project templates to pick from that include cost estimates. The templates cover everything from routine projects such as roofing or rewiring to more advanced projects like landscaping or kitchen remodeling. Homeowners can manage multiple projects, manage contractor hired projects, store before and after pictures and upload warranties, permits, and manuals.

Home Maintenance – Keeping track of routine home maintenance is an excellent way to mitigate to repair costs down the road. Some of the routine maintenance tasks that can be tracked are replacing air filters, checking forced air ducts, replacing smoke detector batteries, trimming shrubs, window cleaning, and many more. Honey do list's and calendars can be created to notify you when projects are upcoming. This is an ideal solution for multiple property owners like landlords or those who have multiple homes or even for another family members home.

Home Inventory– With the use of management software, property owners can track the contents and fixed assets of one's home, or homes. Keeping a home inventory is vitally important for insurance purposes, especially in the event of a claim. Many homeowners are actually under-insured – keeping a detailed inventory protects against that. These lists are also important in the event of a move or when estate planning.

Home Finances – Itemizing and budgeting household utilities and tracking annual maintenance costs are simplified with an inventory software program. One can also track multiple home values, such as taxable and appraised value and purchased price.

Whether you are striving to be more organized, purchase a new home or planning major renovations, having a cloud-based, home inventory solution is a resource that can assist you with achieving your goals. Imagine one place where you can access and enter all things pertinent to your home. Accessible through iPad, IPhone and Android applications, it is an ideal solution for multiple property owners as well.